Gifts That Reduce Your Taxes

When you partner with WGBH, you provide truth and knowledge to audiences throughout the world. What’s more, you can leave these generous gifts now and you may receive tax benefits to enjoy for yourself.

Retirement Plan Gift

You can simply name WGBH Educational Foundation as a beneficiary of your retirement plan to empower the future of public media.

IRA Charitable Rollover

You can transfer funds from your IRA directly to WGBH. This is an effective way to have an immediate impact on the future of public media.

Here’s how it works:

● You must be 70.5 or older.

● An individual may transfer up to a total of $100,000 per year and a married couple may give up to $200,000.

● Your gift must be transferred directly from the IRA account to WGBH.

● Your gift is a transfer of funds from your IRA to WGBH, so it does not create taxable income for you and is not considered a charitable tax deduction.

● If you are 72 and older, the transfer of funds counts towards your annual Required Minimum Distribution* from your IRA.

If you’re interested in this popular way to support WGBH, download a sample letter for your IRA administrator below.


* Congress has waived the annual Required Minimum Distribution from IRA Accounts in the year 2020 as part of the CARES Act in response to COVID-19. Please consider seeking advice from your financial advisor or tax professional to understand how recent changes to laws governing retirement plans may impact you and your charitable gift.

Life Insurance Policy Gift

Do you have a life insurance policy that has outlasted its original purpose? You can use it (or a percentage of it) to reduce your taxes and create a gift for WGBH that demonstrates your commitment to fostering an active and informed citizenry.

Potential benefits:

● You could potentially reduce your income taxes;

● You may possibly receive additional tax deductions if you make annual gifts so WGBH would be able to continue to pay the premiums;

● You can see firsthand how your gift supports our work if WGBH cashes in the policy;

● You can add to your legacy. If WGBH retains the policy to maturity, or you name it as a beneficiary, once the policy matures, the proceeds of your policy will be paid to WGBH Educational Foundation.

Gifts of Securities

You can use stocks, bonds, and mutual funds that have grown in value to create your legacy with WGBH.

Potential benefits:

    ● You may receive a charitable income tax deduction for the full market value of what you give (up to a maximum percentage of your adjusted gross income as dictated by tax law);

    ● You could possibly avoid paying the capital gains tax on any increase in the value of the stock you give.

To create a world where inspiring and informative public media brings us together, contact Julie Hallowell or Christine Russo.

Julie Hallowell,
Director of Gift Planning and Endowment,
(800) 220-7122

Christine Russo,
Development Associate of
Gift Planning and Endowment,
(800) 220-7122